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Who Are We?

Video courtesy of Pat Jarrett and Michelle Miles. Music by Travis Grice
Member students Michelle Miles, Hanna Strauss, Kamryn Crossman, Olivia Vande Woude, and Yael Haskell
Writing Workshops


Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center plans a variety of student workshops.
Writing Contests


Our student writing contests allow area teens to submit their work for inclusion in the annual anthology.

The Anthology


Once a year in partnership with The Virginia Festival of the Book we release an anthology of student content winners.

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.



Gospels Logan Pritchard The mirror on my bookshelf is angled so that, if I don’t stand just in front of it, I’ll never see more than the ceiling. I don’t know Why I tilted it like that, only that I like the way it shines when The light casts over it. I used to have a...

City People

Photograph by Glen Walker City People Perri Nelson we were city people that much had always been clear on her eighteenth birthday my mother had packed her suitcase slammed it shut with a crash that never stopped echoing in the memories of her family the ones who had...

Small Means Fragile

Photograph by Leela Ghaemmaghami Small Means Fragile Madeline Mitchem When you’re small like me you’re told what you can and can’t do you can’t fight or be intimidating, you can’t lift anything more than 10 pounds. But you can sit there quietly. They assume you’re as...