Syble Gitchell

The Shivering Boy

I am a junior at Charlottesville High School, I play field hockey and lacrosse, and participate in other extra-curricular activities. However, until my photography class freshman year I never felt artistic, I always felt like I lacked something because I couldn’t draw or paint, I wasn’t the best violinist, or was any good at acting. But, I chose to take photography because it has always been very important to my family, and now it is very important to me. Photography has allowed me to express myself and be an artist.

I have been in photography for three years and I love every bit of it. The past two years we have had film units, where we are taught how to use film cameras and develop the prints in a dark room. I love this unit it makes me feel as if I am a true photographer. I get to make my pictures and feel them becoming works of art. It is entirely hands on and requires you to slow down and truly think about your picture and what it will look like and what you want. Photography has allowed me to focus on things I love and capture their beauty whether it’s through capturing fashion, my friends, landscapes, or even a building photography allows me to see the world from a different view. Ordinary things suddenly become beautiful, they become extraordinary.